Construction is one of the more complex solutions that Compiere can implement.  The solution covers almost all the subsystems that Compiere can deliver.  





Compiere can tie all parts of a project together.  Each piece is part of the whole integrated solution.  The project can tie customers, suppliers, all together with the accounts that are that are used in running the project.  Construction enterprises deploy many different types of projects.  These projects can also have subcontractors.


All construction projects have multiple accounting ramifications.  Each job and each sub contractor must be taken into account.  The services and resources must be costed out and accounted for to be properly billed that.  The accounts reflect the costs and expenses of each segment of the enterprise project.  Compiere follows these costs and expenses from the initial quote to the invoice and draws. 

Encumbrances and Disbursements; 

construction companies must deal with various regulatory agencies and comply with local codes and laws.  At the projects have certain reporting requirements as well as financial disbursements would affect the job outcomes.  Compiere can account for all the encumbrances and disbursements.  These charges are all recognized in a timely manner making the project and jobs flow properly.

Work orders;

Compiere facilitates work orders for all the jobs undertaken by the enterprise.  The work order process is easily implemented and allows for all costed services and materials for particular job.  Compiere will source materials at all enterprise warehouse areas, it will send a notification if there are insufficient materials on hand.  It will then post these costed amounts to the various project accounts.  This process control can notify the project manager if they need to order additional material (ordering can be automatic). Work orders can be released in sequence or manually depending on the enterprise requirements.


In the  Compiere project functionality services mean personnel resources available to run machinery, plan phases, and all specific trades involved in the project.  Compiere supplies internal costs for billed out services and uses these costs for invoicing purposes. Services can mean contractors or subcontractors as well. 


Compiere tracks resources.  Resources refer to all the machinery, assets and equipment available to complete a particular project.  Compiere will track the utilization of these resources and bill them out at the appropriate rates.  Compiere can also track the internal costs of these resources and apply specific bill out rates for any project.  


Budgets are necessary in all businesses.   and construction is no different.  Compiere can budget all phases of construction project.  The granular the budget is depends on the level of control and size of the project.  It's easier to see cost overruns on the Compiere dashboards if the project budget is broken down into phases.  Compiere can budget on a timeline or ande completion basis, it depends what the enterprise wants to see.


Reporting is the easiest way for an enterprise to find out their financial position.  Compiere reporting can be as basic or granular as it is needed.  There is a basic level of reporting and is built into Compiere.  There are over 200 standard reports, most of which can be customized to a certain level.  The next level Compiere can deliver as a business intelligence tool.  While these tools are truly impressive they're also labor intensive.  But they do provide dashboards that gives snapshots at a glance.

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